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I’m Vidhika Batra, a cancer survivor who turned adversity into an opportunity for transformation. Join me on a journey of hope, resilience, and triumph over life’s most formidable challenges.

Vidhika Batra - A Cancer Survivor, Health Coach and An Entrepreneur

ABOUT ME - Vidhika Batra

Triumph Over Adversity

Triumph Over Adversity

I'm Vidhika Batra, a resilient individual facing a rare cancer diagnosis in 2015. My journey, marked by uncertainties, is a testament to triumph over adversity. Beyond survival, I've embraced transformation, embodying the power of resilience and hope.

Journey to Recovery: A Holistic Approach

Journey to Recovery: A Holistic Approach

In 2020, a YouTube video led me to naturopathy and Ayurveda, reshaping my path to recovery. Opting for a holistic approach, I became living proof of the body's innate intelligence and self-healing power. My portfolio reflects the efficacy of alternative methods in restoring well-being.

Founder of HIIMS Premier Hospital: Compassionate Care

Founder of HIIMS Premier Hospital: Compassionate Care

Founded in 2022, HIIMS Premier Hospital in Gurugram echoes my personal journey. More than a medical facility, it's a haven providing compassionate care to over 5,000 patients. My role as the founder extends beyond a professional commitment—it's a personal dedication to spreading hope and emphasizing the body's ability to triumph over chronic diseases.

 Message to the World: Harnessing Inherent Strength

Message to the World: Harnessing Inherent Strength

My journey, beyond a personal narrative, inspires those facing cancer or chronic diseases. I advocate for giving the body a chance to unleash its inherent strength before considering other treatments. Through my experiences and HIMS Premier Hospital, I aim to empower individuals to believe in their potential for triumph over life's toughest challenges.

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Why Vidhika Batra?

Inspirational Survivor

Vidhika Batra is not just a name but an embodiment of resilience and triumph over adversity. As a cancer survivor facing a rare diagnosis, her journey serves as an inspiration for others, showcasing the power of determination and hope in overcoming life’s toughest challenges.

Advocate for Alternative Healing:

Vidhika stands out for her choice to explore alternative healing methods. Opting for naturopathy and Ayurveda, she highlights the efficacy of holistic approaches in restoring health. 

Holistic Wellness Advocate:

Vidhika Batra is a vocal proponent of holistic wellness. Beyond her personal health journey, she actively promotes the idea of overall well-being, emphasizing the importance of mental, emotional, and spiritual health in conjunction with physical wellness.

Community Engagement and Support:

Vidhika goes beyond individual healing; she actively engages with the community. Through awareness campaigns, support groups, and educational initiatives, she fosters a sense of solidarity among individuals facing health challenges, creating a network of support and understanding.

Vidhika In Media

“Vidhika Batra, the face of resilience, featured in prominent magazines and news channels, spreading a message of hope.”


Diseases we treat through Naturopathy and Ayurveda

Naturopathy taps into the body’s innate healing with lifestyle changes, while Ayurveda balances energies for holistic well-being through personalized herbal remedies and mindful practices.


A complex journey that demands resilience, cancer challenges not just the body but the spirit, inspiring a relentless pursuit of hope and healing



Balancing life through mindful management, diabetes demands discipline, resilience, and a commitment to well-being.

Liver Cirrhosis

Liver cirrhosis is a progressive condition where healthy liver tissue is replaced by scar tissue, impacting liver function.


A cornerstone of well-being, a balanced and nourishing diet is the key to unlocking optimal health, vitality, and sustained energy.


A chronic skin condition, psoriasis accelerates the life cycle of skin cells, resulting in red, itchy patches.


An invasion by harmful microorganisms, infections trigger the body’s defense mechanisms. 

Chronic Kidney Disease

A progressive condition affecting kidney function, CKD necessitates early detection and proactive management.


Affecting joints and causing inflammation, arthritis encompasses various conditions that impact mobility.

Many more such diseases are cured with naturopathy and ayurvedic treatment

Vidhika Batra Approach

Guided by compassion and a belief in the body’s innate healing power, Vidhika Batra’s approach combines holistic practices, naturopathy, and Ayurveda to empower individuals on their unique paths to recovery and overall well-being.


Embark on your healing journey by scheduling a call to discuss your unique needs and explore how Vidhika Batra’s approach aligns with your path to well-being.



In a personalized consultation, Vidhika Batra provides compassionate guidance, understanding your health goals, and tailoring an approach that integrates holistic practices to address your specific needs.



Experience a comprehensive treatment plan crafted by Vidhika Batra, blending naturopathy, Ayurveda, and innovative approaches, designed to foster your body’s innate healing power.


Regular Check-Up

Ensure the continuity of your well-being with regular check-ups, allowing Vidhika Batra to monitor your progress, make adjustments as needed, and provide ongoing support on your journey to optimal health.

Mission and Values

At the core of my mission is the belief that holistic healing can empower individuals on their journey to well-being. Grounded in compassion, resilience, and a commitment to innovation, I strive to build a community that fosters healing, inspires positive change, and celebrates the limitless potential within each of us.

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Committed to Patient Care

Dedicated to your well-being, Vidhika Batra ensures unwavering support, personalized attention, and a holistic approach throughout your healing journey.


Patient Testimonials

“Vidhika Batra’s compassionate care and holistic approach transformed many health journey.”

Soumya Bansal

I personally loved the methods & natural way of healing that this hospital offers. Surviving & curing cancer naturally is something that is not easy and Vidhika batra did it in all the natural ways & without chemo. I hope the world sees it as she cute my issues and saved me from a ton lot of medicines. I highly recommend her.

Aman Koli

As a recent patient at Hiims Premier Hospital, I must express my gratitude and admiration for the exemplary healthcare services and the compassionate staff that exceeded my expectations. My stay at the hospital was not something I had anticipated, but the exceptional care and comfort I received made a significant difference in my recovery journey.

Vivek Gupta

We went there for my friend's uncle ckd related naturopathy treatment on being suggested by my friend Arpita Yadav, her suggestion came at the very right moment while we were searching for better treatment option other than allopathy, we followed each and every step of treatment patiently as adviced by the doctors and the staff, then miracle happen and my friend's uncle started getting better thn before. Thanks hiims premier hospital your overall hospitality and special thanks to miss Arpita yadav for suggesting such a best ayurvedic hospital.

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